Today mobile phones are more than just calling devices. The utility of a software application greatly depends on its availability across phone clients. The mobile component is important enough for businesses to require full-blown development of native applications for various mobile platforms and devices.

A practical approach to prioritizing mobile

Even when enterprises decide to go mobile, there is usually a lack of vision about how to leverage the mobile component to achieve business objectives. Mobile is such a vast undertaking that it requires experience to be able to decide on the scope and capabilities of the mobile version. Instead of blindly setting aggressive goals, we work with our clients to prioritize goals and phase out development based on immediate and long term business objectives. We help them achieve perfection with our ‘iterate and ship’ approach.


Web Based Application Development

The principal challenge in building enterprise web based applications is in sustaining the competitive advantage in a space that is extremely dynamic. Be it traditional enterprise applications delivered over intranet or e-commerce solutions on the web, the following factors greatly impact the way technology adds value to a business.

Turnaround Time
In the demanding internet times, applications need to go from prototype to production quickly. Not only that, the software should be able to evolve from there as fast. At Infonovum, we have rapid prototyping skills and Agile development methodologies to promise quick turnaround times.

The ability of an application to scale effortlessly based on changing demands is absolutely critical in gaining customer trust. We design systems that can handle multiple clients and high volume transactions. We effectively leverage technology to ensure that there is no impact on the application performance due to high usage.

Security Customizability
It is important to provide a unified security model to create a positive experience for users working across different internal applications. We employ Single sign on to achieve this. In cases where users need to access secure information, we have functional level and data level authorization mechanisms to keep security tight.

Customizability and Backward Compatibility
Another important factor that impacts user experience is the design theme of the application. We customize the application theme and design to match the other applications it integrates with. The applications we develop integrate seamlessly with existing systems and work across browsers and clients. Also, the systems that we develop are backward compatible so users can safely upgrade applications without worrying about browser or OS compatibility.